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Premium Pure iShilajt Directly from the Altai Mountains

Your boots punch through the crisp, white snow as you climb higher amid pristine, white-capped mountain peaks. The air smells clean and fresh as if you are breathing the purest oxygen in the world. You inhale sharply as you find a valley framed by large rocks, signaling the near presence of your quarry. Your guide beckons you closer as you kneel down by the boulders, showing you the black, oozing pitch that you’re in search of: ishilajit. Altai ishilajit.

Up at nearly 15,000 feet above sea level, you are in what some consider to be the “Green Pharmacy” of the planet – the Altai Mountains. A mountain range in Central and East Asia where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan come together is where the world’s most powerful ishilajit (pronounced shee-lah-jeet) is formed. And you’re holding it in your hand.

We source all our ishilajit resin directly from the Altai Mountains because that’s where we believe the purest ishilajit can be gathered. Considered one of the most unpolluted, immaculate places on Earth, we’ve chosen this region because we value providing our customers with only the most potent and effective ishilajit available.

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An Ancient Treasure Trove of Health

Just what is ishilajit? It’s a natural mineral-rich substance found in the Altai Mountains and the Himalayas. It is the result of the natural decomposition of decaying plant matter by the action of microorganisms. Found at altitudes ranging between 14,500 and 16,000 feet above sea level, the ishilajit takes thousands of years to form between layers of rocks. As the mountains warm during the summer months, the ishilajit gets gooey enough to be harvested The resin found at this altitude and among these mountainous crevices is the pure, potent ishilajit that people around the world consider a sacred part of daily health.

Also known as “Destroyer of Weakness,” and “Blood of the Mountain,” this rather humble-looking mineral pitch packs an auspicious amount of amazing health-supporting properties.

Benefits and Properties Include:

  • More than 85 essential minerals and trace elements, including potent fulvic acid
  • A wide range of amino acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients
  • Catalytic agent for absorption of other herbal supplements
  • Powerful antioxidant source for protection against harmful free radicals
  • Slows effects of aging
  • Balances electrolytes and supports healthy metabolism
  • Increases potential for weight loss
  • Enhances mental clarity and memory
  • Accelerates and maintains energy throughout the day
  • Manages the body and mind’s ability to cope with environmental stress
  • Supports immune, digestive, bone, and liver health
  • Boosts sex drive and promotes healthy reproductive systems

A star of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, ishilajit has been studied in the Western Hemisphere for only about sixty years. But it’s gaining popularity as more mindful consumers and health professionals learn about it and see the results for themselves.

Sayan iShilajit Is Safe, Potent, and Pure

Sayan Health ishilajit is a completely safe product, both for consumption and topical use. Thanks to our product’s extraction process, we offer you only the purest, most natural ishilajit from the Altai Mountains.

Once gathered from the mountains, the crushed raw product first undergoes water extraction. Next, the extracted solution is filtered and evaporated in a vacuum at a temperature of 60-62 degrees Celsius, achieving a concentration of 15-20%. The resulting substance is then kept at the same temperature for 40-60 minutes, simultaneously undergoing purification via natural sorbents. Finally, the refined process is completed by drying the purified mass at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

Due to this thorough process, we are able to offering you a high-quality product, free of bacteria, microorganisms, and decomposition products that may include toxic contaminants. We also test our ishilait for heavy metals and fulvic and humic acids to ensure quality and potency.

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Identifying Pure iShilajit

Not all ishilajit is created equal. As you endeavor to incorporate ishilajit into your daily regimen, it’s essential that you understand that many other companies claim to have real, pure ishilajit. However, many of the so-called pure ishilajit products you’ll find are either solvent-extracted, which dilutes the potency, very poor quality, or altogether fake. If you take sub-par or fake ishilajit, the health benefits will be much less substantial at best. At worst, you could be using an unsafe product.

At Sayan Health, our ishilajit is 100% natural and pure. Our premium resin is water-extracted and achieves a concentration of 15-20%, preserving the potency of the supplement and not diluting its strength.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. To tell if ishilajit is real or not, first look at its appearance. If it’s real, it will be a gummy resin that resembles black tar. Next, test its texture. When cool, ishilajit is firm and fairly solid. When warm, it’s soft and gooey and easily dissolves into liquid, hot or cold. This particular ability to change consistency with temperature is a feature distinct to only 100% pure ishilajit and is the best way to analyze its authenticity.

Premium Quality Purified iShilajit Resin

We employ the latest in extraction with freeze dry processing methods to preserve the original molecular structure. By not using heat or a sun-drying technique, we prevent exposure to outside element, creating a safe and potent product.