Will the Real Shilajit Please Stand Up

Author: David Vartanian

Supplementary health products are exposed to unscrupulous traders just as much as any other industry. As consumers we can ensure we are aware and be educated on what to look for when buying.

Counterfeit products are out there, and while it should not deter us from enjoying health aids, it pays to be mindful of what’s out there.

Why Counterfeit?

As with many things of value complementary health products are a target for those wanting to make a quick dollar.

Traders who deal in such a way will attempt to pass off products as better than they are. Not only is it unethical from a buyers point of view these traders pose a risk to consumers.

Shilajit is not immune to such practises.

So what do you look for? There are way to begin to protect yourself.

Look at the labels carefully when buying shilajit.

Watered down versions of products are misleading. Active ingredients can be lessened or even relaced with lesser potent ones.

Supplier Awareness

The best suppliers of legitimate products are willing to supply information about items they sell. In addition, reputable suppliers will be accountable and contactable.

Look for websites that clearly state ingredients, source and contacts that are willing to provide information on all products. The need to ask questions is a right everyone has when it comes to health products.

Openness and transparency are the building blocks of any worthwhile and sustainable business.

Look for suppliers that care about their products and their customer’s wellbeing.

What Poses a Threat?

Counterfeit products and the traders who sell them are looking for one thing. Profit.

Unfortunately profit through deceit cannot be tolerated.

As alarming as it sounds, ingredients such as some heavy metals and other toxic materials have been known to be included in counterfeit shilajit powders.

These are the very things we are trying to avoid and remove from our bodies.

Traders purposeful inclusion of such matter target the unknowing with the sole aim to dupe well intended customers.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Other materials have been known to be included in shilajit powders. While not as harmful as the more toxic inclusions they should not be passed off as pure shilajit.

There can be harmless things such as wheat germ, or ground down vitamin powders.

These fillers take away the potency of the real shilajit. While they may not pose a health threat it is considered unfavourable practice to not disclose all ingredients. The reason for their inclusion should be announced.

altai mountain shilajit

The Real McCoy

Reputation is everything in the complementary health industry.

Health benefits of shilajit are known and it is up to everyone to understand the difference between fake and false to ensure this defender of health is around for a long time.

Choose your shilajit wisely and it will be your go-to health assistor for a long time

To Conclude

We all simply want better health. Being self-aware and mindful of what we are looking at will help protect us and the future of complementary health products.

Whether powdered and it its sticky tar-like form, ensure you are getting what you paid for.