About Sayan shilajit


About Sayan Health – Our Unwavering Promise to You

Sayan Health began with a quest for holistic health options — specifically adaptogens, which help the body manage stress and normalize bodily processes. Our founder, Dr. David V., MD, was hunting for these naturally-occurring gems when he learned about the Siberian Chaga Mushroom after communicating with a clinic in Russia. Native to the birch tree forests of Siberia, chaga is a powerful adaptogen and source of multiple other health-supporting benefits. After his discovery of the celebrated fungus, he established Sayan Health in 2007 with the intention of bringing chaga and other alternative herbal supplements to the world.

After 10 years of developing and supplying innovative chaga-based products to our customers, we now are pleased to offer another powerful adaptogen — shilajit. Also from the Siberian region, our shilajit comes from the Altai Mountains, one of the most unpolluted and untouched places on earth.

As with all our products, we are dedicated to helping you improve your health and life. When you rely on us for your daily herbal supplements, you know you are receiving quality. Join thousands of satisfied customers from around the globe when you experience the Sayan Health difference:

  • Specially-formulated 100% natural products with no GMOs, fillers, or chemicals
  • Harvesting Shilajit only at high altitudes
  • Careful selection of manufacturers and stringent quality control
  • Yearly excursions to Siberia to personally oversee operations
  • Tested in US laboratory for Heavy metals and microbiological contamination
  • Properly purified without any chemicals
  • Exceptional customer service and fast shipping

Just as we made the chaga mushroom more palatable and available to people in more than 50 countries, so we are enhancing the accessibility of shilajit. Discover our products and read more about this amazing substance. ]For questions or comments, get in touch with us today.