How Much Shilajit Is Too Much

Can too much of a good thing be harmful? Good intentions are fine, and we all have them, but self-awareness, and common sense sometimes fail us. We all want the best for our health, but what if we are over-doing it. Our Bodies and Supplements Daily foods consumed, in an ideal world should be enough [...]

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What Makes Shilajit So Good For You

Good health is so intrinsic to happiness, that sometimes we forget to take it seriously. When we find a complementary health product that has a combination of historical truth, combined with modern day usage we should celebrate. Shilajit sits high and proud as one of those things. What Makes Shilajit So Good For you Shilajit [...]

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Will the Real Shilajit Please Stand Up

Supplementary health products are exposed to unscrupulous traders just as much as any other industry. As consumers we can ensure we are aware and be educated on what to look for when buying. Counterfeit products are out there, and while it should not deter us from enjoying health aids, it pays to be mindful of [...]

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A Brief History of Shilajit

History leads us to many modern day solutions, with the history of shilajit being no different. Especially for health, we now know historical, natural medicines can be a key to formulating possible answers for present day ailments. The history of shilajit is an interesting one. So what is the historical significance of this defender of [...]

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The Facts On Shilajit and Electrolytes

The facts of shilajit and electrolytes may be little known. Imbalance of electrolytes can cause dehydration. Shilajit aims to rectify the need to ever having to risk the loss of electrolytes. I times of illness, particularly, vomiting and diarrhoea, replacing electrolytes means faster recuperation Hydration is lost when we are ill, and replenishing vital minerals [...]

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What Is Shilajit Gold

What Is Shilajit Gold We search for the best when introducing a natural supplementary health supporter. Those familiar with shilajit know Shilajit Gold ranks high in its ability to provide assistance with health goals.. For restoration and rejuvenation of health, combined with the added benefit of sexual health support, many take this naturally occurring substance [...]

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When to Have Shilajit

When is the best time to have shilajit? Lifestyle, morning demands, and nightly routines can all make a difference.  Not only how the supplement may affect you, but the sheer remembering to take them at all will be considerations. Morning, noon or night, begin slowly and note the differences fro you. When to have Shilajit [...]

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Is Shilajit Good for Health

If asked, how would you describe health? Generally speaking, health covers a lot of things. Not only physical health but mental, and emotional health sit under the health umbrella. Seemingly, one common denominator remains. Our physical health in term being free from illness, and feeling well contributes to the other types of health. Consequently, it [...]

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Should You Take Shilajit with Milk?

Water and milk remain the two favoured ways to consume milk. Should you take shilajit with milk? Shilajit is available as a powder or as a supplement that can be dissolved in milk or water. A person can dissolve a pea-sized portion of shilajit in liquid and drink it up to three times a day, [...]

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