History leads us to many modern day solutions, with the history of shilajit being no different.

Especially for health, we now know historical, natural medicines can be a key to formulating possible answers for present day ailments.

The history of shilajit fulvic acid is an interesting one.

So what is the historical significance of this defender of health?

How did it form, and how is this  substance a health assistant?

A Brief History of Shilajit mountain

Little was previously known about this sticky black tar-like substance found in the Altai mountains.

Within these mountains is a diverse ecosystem. This is where shilajit is born.

Plant and organic material compacted and decomposed between rocks and in crevices. This organic matter gave in to the pressure and temperature of the environment, forming into the substance we see today.

To put it in perspective, this organic plant and animal matter took tens of thousands of years to formulate into pure shilajit. It oozed from the rocks of the Altai’s and was harvested then, as it is now.

Harvesters seek shilajit in the warmer months, when its consistency is a little less thick. The rocky captors release the tar, and it is collected.

The native residents were wary of the black mass. As with many naturally occurring plants and substances, it may have been poisonous

There are many stories about how shilajit was to become consumed by the natives of the times. The risk consuming an unknown substance like this would have been an enormous one.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Better health, and wellbeing comes in all forms of complementary health, but shilajit is one that differs from the ordinary.

It is special in that most plant humus consists nowhere near the 60- 80 percent of this organic mass.

In addition, shilajit examiners reveal it to be an extremely complex assortment of essential minerals of the ionic form. Ionic inclusions are the most easily absorbent into our bodies.

When vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed into our system, they can do their best work. As an adaptogen, black shilajit has the ability to help restore the inner balance of our bodies through reduced stress levels, and assistance with endurance and stamina.

altai mountain shilajit

These are the kinds of elements that help us keep our strength and give us an ability to cope with daily stressful situations, while at the same time boosting our natural reserves.

In addition to these quality benefits is shilajit’s power to help with one of health’s great challenges, our hormones. With elements to support endocrine issues, shilajit’s uses range from common hormone imbalances issues, to sexual malfunction concerns and libido problems.

The ability for this striking jet-black substance to help with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial issues, rounds off its impressive qualities.

In Conclusion

This is a great health assistor.

Organic shilajit is not grown as an herb, and not produced in a laboratory. It is as naturally forming as the earth itself

Obviously, if you have existing medical conditions, please consult your preferred medical practitioner. As with many naturally occurring substances, it may not be the one for you.

Where there are no health issues existing, shilajit remains one of the most useful, unique and valuable sources of betterment to health of these modern times.

Shilajit sits high among ancient discoveries that completely translate to modern day complementary health.

So you’ve made the decision to pay more attention to your ongoing health.

Deciding what natural supplements are best for you is not an easy decision. Many questions are raised. Is this suitable for me? Is it affordable, and how do I use it?

These questions are all noteworthy, and expected.

Sometimes the availability of a product will also be high on the list of priorities.

Is Altai Shilajit Available in My Country?

Good old-fashioned research is the best way to determine if original shilajit is available to you. Technology today allows us to access may store and much more information as a matter of convenience.

Use it wisely to find your stockist.

As a bonus, many suppliers will have the ability to ship their products overseas, or may even have an affiliated supplier.

Why Shilajit

With numerous health supplements on the market today, why should you buy shilajit?

A brief history lesson tells us that approximately 50 million years ago a natural occurrence laid the foundation to what is today known as shilajit extract.

This black sticky mass, unnerving to the uninitiated brings us an extensive arrange of possible health benefits.

Quite simply, this compound created through the compression of organisms, and forest matter offers the chance to improve and support our bodies natural health.

As a holder of energy producing compounds delivering at a cellular level, shilajit can assist to increase mental alertness, fight the effects of stress, and support our immune system.

Known as the ‘destroyer of weakness’ shilajit can be a solution for those wanting one product for a range of health needs,

We are gaining an understanding, in modern times, of how organic shilajit powder can help our heath now, and into the future.

altai mountain shilajit

What Makes a Great Supplier?

No matter what you look to buy as an everyday consumer, the best is always preferential. But how can you know the best from the worst?

Firstly, all good suppliers will be happy to share their understanding of health with you. Every person is different and their needs can vary, not just as individuals, but on different occasions.

Times of stress and illness draw on our bodies negatively. The need to replenish and balance out health concerns is vital for those lacking in basic levels.

The best suppliers understand this, fundamentally.

Either by direct contact or through a website information should be available to allow the right decision.

Armed with a supplier offering knowledge, passion, and the willingness to provide advice and product knowledge customers can gain a level of comfort.

How to Buy Shilajit

Try doing some research, but online stores offering products suitable for your needs will often be the way people prefer to shop.

Of course, if you can find your preferred product in an everyday store, even better.

Ensure the products are fresh, packed and shipped correctly.

Ask the questions if you are not sure.

This is your health, after all.

To Conclude

Remember, you are looking for the best shilajit you can find. Certainly product quality is important, but you may have equally pressing concerns.

Chose what’s right for you and your health goals.

Sayan Health offers premium shilajit.

Use the best, forget the rest.

If asked, how would you describe health?

Generally speaking, health covers a lot of things. Not only physical health but mental, and emotional health sit under the health umbrella.

Seemingly, one common denominator remains. Our physical health in term being free from illness, and feeling well contributes to the other types of health.

Consequently, it stands to reason if we assist our overall physical health, improvements flow to other areas.

Is Shilajit Good for Health?

Fulvic acid is the main element of shilajit that has people interested in the sticky mass. A known antioxidant it can contribute to cellular health and the fight against free radicals.

Antioxidants are, of course, well known as an element in fruits, berries and some vegetables, but used as supplement, shilajit may boost your efforts to remain healthy.

Both men and women can benefit from this ancient healer.

For women, this may be the detox you’ve been looking for.

For men, testosterone levels may see some change. As the sex hormone, testosterone drives libido, and of course sexual potency.

Lower testosterone levels reduce these and suffers have symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, and fatigue.

Additionally, other areas that may be of assistance include altering mental alertness, and brain health. Some may find success with weight loss as shilajit can assist with metabolism. When we burn energy, it is not stored as fat.

When shouldn’t I Use Shilajit

Consider your health at the time of any complementary health routine

Heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illness need to be monitored. It is best to refrain from addition products that may interfere with existing medical conditions and or medications without proper consultation with medical practitioner

Make use of the professional carers and practitioners in your life. They are there to provide sound knowledge from years of experience.

Use as directed and use common sense as with any complementary health product. Monitor your results.

Be Self Aware

It seems everyone has an opinion these days. Health care is not immune to slings and arrows by those who feel they know what is best.

We are all individuals and must have a mindset of individual health care.

We are all different with differing medical make up.

Opinion is one thing, but don’t take any chances with your health if you are in any way concerned.

Pre-existing conditions should be considered as should pregnancy. if you are considering becoming pregnant consult your specialist.

Diet, exercise and keeping happy mentally all contribute to overall health. We all want to lead healthier live for longer.

Shilajit may offer the best solutions for your individual needs.

Shilajit is a natural forming substance full of vitamins and elements considered to enhance health and wellbeing.

Used in conjunction with a healthier and improved lifestyle, devotees use shilajit on a daily basis as a part of a health regime. This supplement can fit seamlessly into your life without the need to alter your routine. Daily personal and professional demands will not decline. In fact, you may find yourself more relaxed and feeling capable of tackling things once through arduous.

Shilajit may be the one thing your day is missing.