Can too much of a good thing be harmful? Good intentions are fine, and we all have them, but self-awareness, and common sense sometimes fail us.

We all want the best for our health, but what if we are over-doing it.

Our Bodies and Supplements

Daily foods consumed, in an ideal world should be enough for health sustainability. The problem is that we as human suffer from varying demands on our lives, poor dietary habits which all affects the way we feel and ultimately or on-going health.

Patterns of abuse include overindulging, too much processed food, and not putting our health first.

Don’t worry, however, all these things can be reversed with a simple plan and the right combination of product.

If you’ve started a supplementary heath regime keep in mind your body will expel any unused supplement, no matter what it is. We don’t have the ability to store added supplements to use later.

We must consume what our bodies require.

altai mountain shilajit

The Range of Effects

Like many things, too much of certain foods and beverages have adverse effects.

Ask anyone who has over-indulged on beer and they will be certain to tell you ‘never again’

The effects can range from headaches, diarrhoea, and even chronic stomach pain.

Shilajit is not something to be used in large doses. Start simply with a small piece of this black mass, about the size of a grain of rice.

It is important to stick to recommended dosages . Not only to ensure your not doing any harm, but simply to not waste money.

Using to much of any product that your body with expel naturally is false economy.

Everyone’s Different

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shilajit immune system, simply be self-aware and be prepared. Speak openly to other users of altai shilajit benefits, but remember we all have different chemical make up and varying degrees of current health.

If you are taking medications, be sure to contact your preferred practitioner to have a confidential discussion about your complementary health plans.

It is our individual responsibility to ensure the best advice is sought.

That said, the best suppliers will be happy to discuss the best plan of action should you be new to this health defender.

Communication is key to getting the best out of any supplement if your goal is long term health benefit.

Have a plan, take notes and enjoy yourself along the way.

How to Use Shilajit and You

Shilajit is about offering health benefits, not taking away what we already have.

The human body has a way of letting us know when we are not at our best.

Everything from our skin and nails, all the way to our mental state of mind is all reflective of what’s going on with us at that time.

Shilajit hopes to replenish what has been lost, whilst helping to retain and condition our inner strength for the demand of the future.

In Conclusion

Everything in moderation, even supplements.

We all make mistakes, but try to have some sense of foresight and dismiss the temptation to take more than is needed.

Shilajit is like other supplements in that they react with people differently. That may well be the only similarity.

Where shilajit is taken correctly the is nothing quite like it

Introduce shilajit and see how this can be a great assistant for heath today and the future.

Good health is so intrinsic to happiness, that sometimes we forget to take it seriously. When we find a complementary health product that has a combination of historical truth, combined with modern day usage we should celebrate.

Shilajit sits high and proud as one of those things.

What Makes Altai Shilajit So Good For you

Shilajit used for centuries, offers a range of benefits. A folk medicine, sure, but shilajit’s assistance translates well into a modern-day health aid.

Energy and stamina are first up. We all need it. Less activity and lethargy will render most of us wanting more of the same. It is quite insidious. Altai mountains Shilajit steps up to combat those feelings of tiredness, and being physically overwhelmed.

Mental sharpness benefits by the use of shilait. It can help with memory issues, and offers ways to deal with emotional instability.

Not only does shilajit offer from mental and physical improvement, assistance also extends to sexual health and libido issues.

There are many things that contribute to the overall benefit for health from Shilajit effects, its largest gift is that of fulvic acid.  This little gem enables our bodies to more readily absorb all of the vitamins and minerals we intake during the day.

This is particularly important as we age. Our body’s cells harden up as we get older making it hard fort essential nutrients to penetrate the cell walls. Consequently, all the healthy consumption of foods becomes less beneficial.

Shilajit is a defender against of all those things that fight us along the way to enjoying life.

altai mountain shilajit

The Reasons Complementary Health is Needed

Should we be getting everything we need form our normal daily intake of food? If so, is there really any need for supplementary help.

The main thing to consider is that our lives and environment changes all the time. More pressure some months, less the others. Family and work priorities render everyone wanting a bigger piece of you on a daily basis.

We all know that feeling. This is the reason complementary health products such as shilajit daily dose continued to shine.

Life doesn’t stay the same. It changes and evolves. We need a supplement that recognizes this and adapts and offers us what we need during these times.

The Balance is Everything

All things in moderation? We are told that from an early age, mostly to do with alcohol and certain foods that we may crave, but does it hold any truth.

Balance in life is what creates a physical and mental wellbeing we may have not thought possible.

If we are balanced, we give ourselves the chance to live our life in the best and most authentic way we can.

No that has to be something to strive for.

altai mountain shilajit

In Conclusion

Try shilajit for yourself. Start out with a rice grain sized portion. Add it to water and start a journal on the benefits you see from this defender of health.

You may find shilajit is all you will need to maintain your health and well being.

Supplementary health products are exposed to unscrupulous traders just as much as any other industry. As consumers we can ensure we are aware and be educated on what to look for when buying.

Counterfeit products are out there, and while it should not deter us from enjoying health aids, it pays to be mindful of what’s out there.

Why Counterfeit?

As with many things of value complementary health products are a target for those wanting to make a quick dollar.

Traders who deal in such a way will attempt to pass off products as better than they are. Not only is it unethical from a buyers point of view these traders pose a risk to consumers.

Shilajit is not immune to such practises.

So what do you look for? There are way to begin to protect yourself.

Look at the labels carefully when buying shilajit.

Watered down versions of products are misleading. Active ingredients can be lessened or even relaced with lesser potent ones.

Supplier Awareness

The best suppliers of legitimate products are willing to supply information about items they sell. In addition, reputable suppliers will be accountable and contactable.

Look for websites that clearly state ingredients, source and contacts that are willing to provide information on all products. The need to ask questions is a right everyone has when it comes to health products.

Openness and transparency are the building blocks of any worthwhile and sustainable business.

Look for suppliers that care about their products and their customer’s wellbeing.

What Poses a Threat?

Counterfeit products and the traders who sell them are looking for one thing. Profit.

Unfortunately profit through deceit cannot be tolerated.

As alarming as it sounds, ingredients such as some heavy metals and other toxic materials have been known to be included in counterfeit shilajit powders.

These are the very things we are trying to avoid and remove from our bodies.

Traders purposeful inclusion of such matter target the unknowing with the sole aim to dupe well intended customers.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Other materials have been known to be included in shilajit powders. While not as harmful as the more toxic inclusions they should not be passed off as pure shilajit.

There can be harmless things such as wheat germ, or ground down vitamin powders.

These fillers take away the potency of the real shilajit. While they may not pose a health threat it is considered unfavourable practice to not disclose all ingredients. The reason for their inclusion should be announced.

altai mountain shilajit

The Real McCoy

Reputation is everything in the complementary health industry.

Health benefits of shilajit are known and it is up to everyone to understand the difference between fake and false to ensure this defender of health is around for a long time.

Choose your shilajit wisely and it will be your go-to health assistor for a long time

To Conclude

We all simply want better health. Being self-aware and mindful of what we are looking at will help protect us and the future of complementary health products.

Whether powdered and it its sticky tar-like form, ensure you are getting what you paid for.

History leads us to many modern day solutions, with the history of shilajit being no different.

Especially for health, we now know historical, natural medicines can be a key to formulating possible answers for present day ailments.

The history of shilajit fulvic acid is an interesting one.

So what is the historical significance of this defender of health?

How did it form, and how is this  substance a health assistant?

A Brief History of Shilajit mountain

Little was previously known about this sticky black tar-like substance found in the Altai mountains.

Within these mountains is a diverse ecosystem. This is where shilajit is born.

Plant and organic material compacted and decomposed between rocks and in crevices. This organic matter gave in to the pressure and temperature of the environment, forming into the substance we see today.

To put it in perspective, this organic plant and animal matter took tens of thousands of years to formulate into pure shilajit. It oozed from the rocks of the Altai’s and was harvested then, as it is now.

Harvesters seek shilajit in the warmer months, when its consistency is a little less thick. The rocky captors release the tar, and it is collected.

The native residents were wary of the black mass. As with many naturally occurring plants and substances, it may have been poisonous

There are many stories about how shilajit was to become consumed by the natives of the times. The risk consuming an unknown substance like this would have been an enormous one.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Better health, and wellbeing comes in all forms of complementary health, but shilajit is one that differs from the ordinary.

It is special in that most plant humus consists nowhere near the 60- 80 percent of this organic mass.

In addition, shilajit examiners reveal it to be an extremely complex assortment of essential minerals of the ionic form. Ionic inclusions are the most easily absorbent into our bodies.

When vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed into our system, they can do their best work. As an adaptogen, black shilajit has the ability to help restore the inner balance of our bodies through reduced stress levels, and assistance with endurance and stamina.

altai mountain shilajit

These are the kinds of elements that help us keep our strength and give us an ability to cope with daily stressful situations, while at the same time boosting our natural reserves.

In addition to these quality benefits is shilajit’s power to help with one of health’s great challenges, our hormones. With elements to support endocrine issues, shilajit’s uses range from common hormone imbalances issues, to sexual malfunction concerns and libido problems.

The ability for this striking jet-black substance to help with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial issues, rounds off its impressive qualities.

In Conclusion

This is a great health assistor.

Organic shilajit is not grown as an herb, and not produced in a laboratory. It is as naturally forming as the earth itself

Obviously, if you have existing medical conditions, please consult your preferred medical practitioner. As with many naturally occurring substances, it may not be the one for you.

Where there are no health issues existing, shilajit remains one of the most useful, unique and valuable sources of betterment to health of these modern times.

Shilajit sits high among ancient discoveries that completely translate to modern day complementary health.

The facts of shilajit and electrolytes may be little known. Imbalance of electrolytes can cause dehydration. Real Shilajit aims to rectify the need to ever having to risk the loss of electrolytes.

I times of illness, particularly, vomiting and diarrhoea, replacing electrolytes means faster recuperation Hydration is lost when we are ill, and replenishing vital minerals is essential.

Of course we can reach for the commercially branded sports drinks, but it is far better to look to something that may benefit health overall.

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are little bits of conducted electricity. In the human body, electrolytes send electrical pulses, or contractions from our nerves, and trigger muscles into action.

Electrolytes come in difference forms such as Sulphates, Calcium, sodium magnesium and phosphates.

All these need the water in our bodies to be fully functional. That is why it is important to maintain hydration. Without enough water in our bodies, these elements have nothing to interact with.

So, what if you don’t get enough electrolytes flowing?  Dangers occur if we begin to suffer from muscle cramps or spasms, or adverse feelings of weakness.

Seizures and even kidney stones can occur in advanced stages of electrolyte loss.

Alarmingly, serve conditions may even lead to heart attack.

The Importance of Hydration

Considering our bodies consist of 70 percent water, it makes sense to be aware of the need for proper hydration.

Our organs need water to function. More so, each tissue and every cell requires hydration.

Did you know our bodies depend of water to keep our joints moving, maintain temperature and to aid in the removal of waste from our system?

The human body can go without food for some days, but the absence of hydration can mean death in a shorter period of time.

As distressing as it seems, knowing the facts can help with further mindfulness of our bodies requirements.

Why Shilajit Helps

For those with an imbalance of electrolytes, shilajit can assist. The correct balance is required to prevent hydration and it is the unique and inherent qualities of purified shilajit than can help.

Trace elements found in altai mountains shilajit may be useful in maintaining electrolyte balance. It is the minerals that assist, through shilajit’s Ayurvedic resin, which help with conducting of nerve impulses in our bodies.

In addition, other active ingredients in this defender of health help with the rejuvenation and regeneration of our cells.

Interestingly, it is our electrolytes that maintain normal bodily functions. Therefore, the importance of maintaining and replenishing where required is essential.

Not only is the presence of electrolytes crucial, but their performance as defenders.

Shilajit may represent all your needs for better general health. With the known assistance with electrolyte balancing, this natural substance offers more for those with a lifestyle when replacement and replenishment are of high value.

To Conclude

Electrolytes clearly play an important role in keeping us vital.

Optimum levels of electrolytes are what we aim for. Shilajit can assist whether you are an average person, or someone whose lifestyle and physical activity triggers a possible risk of an imbalance.

Introduce best shilajit supplement to see how much better you could feel.

What Is Shilajit Gold

We search for the best when introducing a natural supplementary health supporter. Those familiar with shilajit know Shilajit Gold ranks high in its ability to provide assistance with health goals..

For restoration and rejuvenation of health, combined with the added benefit of sexual health support, many take this naturally occurring substance to enhance particular areas of concern.

Shilajit golg – is the highest grade of Shilajit. It brings the most effective healing value and that’s why loved all over the world. This is the only pure version that possesses the legendary properties required by herbal practitioners when assisting their patients in getting good health. 

A Unique Natural Supplement

What is a unique supplement? Is Shilajit Gold one?

Shilajit is known as one of the most unusual substances in the world. Shilajit forms over thousands of years from organic and other decomposing material.

Rock compression, and sheer weight, coupled with extreme temperatures transforms the matter into shilajit power.

Harvested from the cracks and crevices in the rocks, appears the substance we know today. Amazingly, the natural environment creates this sticky tar like health supporter.

Not only is the area where we find shilajit important, correct handling and processing is essential to retaining this supplements inherent qualities.

Grading of Shilajit

The purity of shilajit will depend on the location of the harvest. From there, the purification techniques used can also determine what shilajit is most nutritionally beneficial.

The color and type of rock shilajit housing will most likely reveal the grade of shilajit is good in the final product.

The highest of all grade of  all, shilajit gold, will be created by reddish colored rocks. The finest will come from the highest points

The best outcome for those wanting a tonic and health assistor is to consume the purest and beneficial supplement possible.

The bottom line is the quality of shilajit high harvested over rides all of these things. Great quality is not the result of mere processing.

Always look for the best supplier.

altai mountain shilajit

What Can Shilajit Do?

The most common question is ‘can shilajit help my health?’ That may depend on what you’re looking for.

Firstly, determine the way in which you wish to be helped.

Minerals in this natural forming substance are in an ‘ionic’ form. Specifically, ionic means absorption of nutrients is on a greater level.

As an overall health assistant power of shilajit can be highly beneficial. If your needs run to lowering stress, increasing mental alertness, or even balancing out libido, try shilajit.

Shilajit contains over 85 natural mineral and trace elements. This includes the highly spoken of Fluvic acid. It aids in balancing metabolism, which may lead to required weight loss, and helps support your immune system.

What’s the Best Way to Consume Shilajit Gold?

Consume this natural mineral rich substance by dissolving in water. Non Chlorinated water is best.

Alternatively, you can add it to your tea, or place it under your tongue if preferred.

Start out with a small amount about the size of a grain of rice, especially if you are new to shilajit properties.

From there, let your experiences guide you on whether to increase your daily dose.


In conclusion, sometimes we need help ensuing better health. Research for yourself the benefits this natural substance  offers you.

Shilajit may be the only supplement you need, or want.

When is the best time to have shilajit?

Lifestyle, morning demands, and nightly routines can all make a difference.  Not only how the supplement may affect you, but the sheer remembering to take them at all will be considerations.

Morning, noon or night, begin slowly and note the differences fro you.

When to have Shilajit

The key is absorption. An empty stomach will be of some benefit as it allows no food barrier to affect the absorption of shilajit extract uses. The aim is to gain the best from this natural supplement.

If you are a regular taker of this health assistant, then before each meal at intervals, and meal times should see the best result. Perhaps give it 30 to 40 minutes before meals, as a guide.

Many people will feel a daily dosage is perfectly fine for their purposes while others may need the extra energy throughout the days and weeks.

Beware if you take shilajit extract powder at night, especially if sleeping well is an issue. Night time use may interfere with sleeping patters if greater alertness is experienced.

As with many supplementary consumers may be concerned about the right time to take them. Daily routines vary between people, so there is not always a right answer.

Trial an error may be the way to go.

Don forget you can break the capsule to release the shilajit source, to be used how you prefer. It can be mixed with other super foods and herbs to create your very own tonic.

In terms of the time it may take to work for you, some people may see a result within around ten days. Take notes of your energy and stamina levels to gain a better idea of your potential dosage increase or decrease

shilajit daily recommended dosage

Take the Time for Health

So, why take shilajit? Increased focus, mental alertness, and feelings of general wellbeing are just some of the experiences customers of this sticky black mass discover.

Similar to chaga mushroom in its antioxidant properties, shilajit contains within it, also holds anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefit.

From sexual dysfunction to fertility hope, shilajit gives the gift of hope for future health and overall inner wellbeing.

Many users of shilajit stick to the methods which suit them best, personally. When in doubt read the instructions, or seek clarification from your supplier. The best suppliers will want to assist with all things shilajit. Professional service and advice on the product gives a level of comfort to consumers, and is as important as the quality of the product itself.

To Conclude

Longevity and health is what we all seek. Our future health may depend on such ancient substances Through our existing medical professionals and natural healers we have the chance to ensure todays medicine can stand along proudly with natural complemental products.

Devotees of the naturally forming shilajit product liken this material to assisting our inner core to remain strong. The strength to fight and resist all those ailments determined to rob us of our health can only be of benefit. Long may we study them continuously for health advancement

Shilajit has been called a “defender of health”.  See how it can work in your life.

So you’ve made the decision to pay more attention to your ongoing health.

Deciding what natural supplements are best for you is not an easy decision. Many questions are raised. Is this suitable for me? Is it affordable, and how do I use it?

These questions are all noteworthy, and expected.

Sometimes the availability of a product will also be high on the list of priorities.

Is Altai Shilajit Available in My Country?

Good old-fashioned research is the best way to determine if original shilajit is available to you. Technology today allows us to access may store and much more information as a matter of convenience.

Use it wisely to find your stockist.

As a bonus, many suppliers will have the ability to ship their products overseas, or may even have an affiliated supplier.

Why Shilajit

With numerous health supplements on the market today, why should you buy shilajit?

A brief history lesson tells us that approximately 50 million years ago a natural occurrence laid the foundation to what is today known as shilajit extract.

This black sticky mass, unnerving to the uninitiated brings us an extensive arrange of possible health benefits.

Quite simply, this compound created through the compression of organisms, and forest matter offers the chance to improve and support our bodies natural health.

As a holder of energy producing compounds delivering at a cellular level, shilajit can assist to increase mental alertness, fight the effects of stress, and support our immune system.

Known as the ‘destroyer of weakness’ shilajit can be a solution for those wanting one product for a range of health needs,

We are gaining an understanding, in modern times, of how organic shilajit powder can help our heath now, and into the future.

altai mountain shilajit

What Makes a Great Supplier?

No matter what you look to buy as an everyday consumer, the best is always preferential. But how can you know the best from the worst?

Firstly, all good suppliers will be happy to share their understanding of health with you. Every person is different and their needs can vary, not just as individuals, but on different occasions.

Times of stress and illness draw on our bodies negatively. The need to replenish and balance out health concerns is vital for those lacking in basic levels.

The best suppliers understand this, fundamentally.

Either by direct contact or through a website information should be available to allow the right decision.

Armed with a supplier offering knowledge, passion, and the willingness to provide advice and product knowledge customers can gain a level of comfort.

How to Buy Shilajit

Try doing some research, but online stores offering products suitable for your needs will often be the way people prefer to shop.

Of course, if you can find your preferred product in an everyday store, even better.

Ensure the products are fresh, packed and shipped correctly.

Ask the questions if you are not sure.

This is your health, after all.

To Conclude

Remember, you are looking for the best shilajit you can find. Certainly product quality is important, but you may have equally pressing concerns.

Chose what’s right for you and your health goals.

Sayan Health offers premium shilajit.

Use the best, forget the rest.

If asked, how would you describe health?

Generally speaking, health covers a lot of things. Not only physical health but mental, and emotional health sit under the health umbrella.

Seemingly, one common denominator remains. Our physical health in term being free from illness, and feeling well contributes to the other types of health.

Consequently, it stands to reason if we assist our overall physical health, improvements flow to other areas.

Is Shilajit Good for Health?

Fulvic acid is the main element of shilajit that has people interested in the sticky mass. A known antioxidant it can contribute to cellular health and the fight against free radicals.

Antioxidants are, of course, well known as an element in fruits, berries and some vegetables, but used as supplement, shilajit may boost your efforts to remain healthy.

Both men and women can benefit from this ancient healer.

For women, this may be the detox you’ve been looking for.

For men, testosterone levels may see some change. As the sex hormone, testosterone drives libido, and of course sexual potency.

Lower testosterone levels reduce these and suffers have symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, and fatigue.

Additionally, other areas that may be of assistance include altering mental alertness, and brain health. Some may find success with weight loss as shilajit can assist with metabolism. When we burn energy, it is not stored as fat.

When shouldn’t I Use Shilajit

Consider your health at the time of any complementary health routine

Heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illness need to be monitored. It is best to refrain from addition products that may interfere with existing medical conditions and or medications without proper consultation with medical practitioner

Make use of the professional carers and practitioners in your life. They are there to provide sound knowledge from years of experience.

Use as directed and use common sense as with any complementary health product. Monitor your results.

Be Self Aware

It seems everyone has an opinion these days. Health care is not immune to slings and arrows by those who feel they know what is best.

We are all individuals and must have a mindset of individual health care.

We are all different with differing medical make up.

Opinion is one thing, but don’t take any chances with your health if you are in any way concerned.

Pre-existing conditions should be considered as should pregnancy. if you are considering becoming pregnant consult your specialist.

Diet, exercise and keeping happy mentally all contribute to overall health. We all want to lead healthier live for longer.

Shilajit may offer the best solutions for your individual needs.

Shilajit is a natural forming substance full of vitamins and elements considered to enhance health and wellbeing.

Used in conjunction with a healthier and improved lifestyle, devotees use shilajit on a daily basis as a part of a health regime. This supplement can fit seamlessly into your life without the need to alter your routine. Daily personal and professional demands will not decline. In fact, you may find yourself more relaxed and feeling capable of tackling things once through arduous.

Shilajit may be the one thing your day is missing.

Shilajit. It is a strange name, and it’s strange looking, however this ancient healer is far from being peculiar when providing for our health.

If you find yourself surprised by its appearance, you are not alone.

Let’s face it, shilajit looks more like something scraped off your driveway, than a nutrient packed complementary health product.  Shilajit takes general health and well being to another level.

So what is this shiny tar-like substance and how does it work.

Shilajit’s history, source and harvesting makes it something very special.

Let’s have a look at how it may work for you.

How Shilajit Works

Maintaining cellular health is primary to good health. There are many health enemies waiting patiently to affect our every day well being and future wellness.

Shilajit works by assisting nutrients be better absorbed by our bodies. It’s minerals are “ionic” which is a vehicle for allowing bodies to benefit from essential minerals in the foods and supplements we consume.

An important compound found in shilajit is fulvic acid. These acids carry minerals into our system, where they do the best to ensure we get what we need.

A hero of health, fulvic acid stimulates and treats many health conditions including lack of energy, endurance, and circulation.

Fulvic acids are also known as a natural libido simulator ,where sexual health and relationships may be waning.

Why Shilajit?

Supplementary dietary benefits is the reason this substance continues in popularity.

Over 85 Minerals and trace elements combine in this ancient healer. We all need minerals, allowing for correct functioning of our bodies.

Interestingly, shilajit forms over many millions of years. Organic matter, including plant life long since committed to the Earth, become trapped in layers of rock.

Pressure and weight over time compress the once vibrant life forms. Temperature fluctuations, cause the matter to be altered into this rich and thick tar like mass.

What Are Ancient Healers?

Previous civilizations used naturally forming compounds for centuries. These compounds continue to assist us, even today.

Shilajit is in good company with medicinal mushrooms such as chaga.

Ancient medications offer solutions for many. Whether simply moving away from modern day medications, or merely for better health, the past offers options.

Clearly, medicines with historical origins command respect.

Moving into the future, who knows what we may discover about the healing properties of such wonders.

Ashwagandha is known also as an ancient healer. Ashwagandha is a restorative and recuperative herb. Used in conjunction with others these substances increase stamina an immune system support.

There are many uses for this reasonably unknown herb and it can be additionally potent when combined with the likes of shilajit.

Enjoy both Ashwagandha  and shilajit and you introduce some of the best naturally occurring health improving substances now recognized.

If you look for the best of many words, shilajit may be the supplement for you.
Sexual health, energy creation, stress relief and overall health benefit from complementary products like this.

Remember, purity and  potency of the shilajit will vary. Choose the best supplier for your supplementary products.

Look for a company with knowledge and passion, and with an availability to consumers.