Water and milk remain the two favoured ways to consume milk. Should you take shilajit with milk?

Shilajit is available as a powder or as a supplement that can be dissolved in milk or water. A person can dissolve a pea-sized portion of shilajit in liquid and drink it up to three times a day, depending on the instructions on the package. The recommended dose of shilajit is 300 to 500 milligrams per day.

While the idea of having a warm milk may be unpalatable for some, the kinds of milks available today may just change your mind.

There’s a lot to be said for regular everyday full fat cow’s milk. However, for those intolerant, give another kind of milk a chance if you are thinking about incorporating shilajit into your health regime.

How to Consume Shilajit

shilajit with milk

how to take shilajit with milk

While, shilajit can be consumed by dissolving about a grain of rice sized amount into warm water, milk is also a great medium for this nutritional black mass.

It is said that milk helps the adaptogens in this dietary supplement absorb into the body.  Try to have shilajit on an empty stomach in the morning.  If you’re a breakfast eater, wait about thirty minutes or so before eating to allow shilajit a chance.

It’s best to not have the beverage too hot. Apart from being a danger to the palate and mouth, the nutrient value can be disturbed by overheating.

Alternatively, dissolve the same amount on your tongue. Most prefer to consume shilajit with a beverage, and for first timers it may be the best way to introduce this supplement.

Keep a journal and track how you are going.

This is a good rule of thumb for any newly introduced supplement

Got Milk?

Traditional cow’s milk lives on in most of our hearts. It satisfies thirst, and hunger at the same time, and can provide nutrients lacking in some.  However, cow’s milk can have a negative effect if intolerant.

Intolerances are only one reason why people switch to plant based non-dairy milk products.

Devotees of the conventional may be surprised at the uses and the tastes of alternatives.

Rice milk, almond and soy based milks hold a decent share of the market for good reason.

If you are simply looking for an alternative for cow’s milk, and are happy with an animal product, look at goat’s milk. Organic of course.

There’s no better way to improve health than to remove potential inhibitors, and replace with another.

After all, isn’t that what we are trying to do with all health decisions.

Out with the bad and in with the good.

Make it Your Routine

When something becomes habitual or an automatic practice, it becomes less foremost in our minds. Taking nutritional supplements can become routine so as not to become burdensome, or seemingly a boring responsibility.

As humans we can be too focused and therefore render tasks as chores.

Of course we need to be aware of what we are doing, but getting into a mindset of automation helps us not focus on what we are doing, but just do it.


Shilajit’s gifts come in many forms.

By taking shilajit with milk, we open ourselves to warming winter beverage, that can help with relaxation. As a bonus, taking shilajit in this form may bring us personal care on a different level.

Setting aside time for yourself, for peace of mind and mental wellbeing is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Combined with chaga or other favorite supplements, we allow ourselves to asset our own wellbeing, both physical and mental.

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