Shilajit and the benefits to our everyday health are known. So much so, that this tar like mass has the enviable tag of the ‘Destroyer of Weakness’.

With its willing 85 essential minerals, shilajit’s inherent fulvic and humic acids allows these nutrients to be easily transported to our body’s cells.

So where does this gift from the Earth come from?

How is Shilajit Produced?

Thick, in both its texture and its complexity shilajit is the result of pressure, and a pummeling from Mother Nature.

Fast forward several million years, and what we have is entombed organic matter transformed into the stark mass that we now know as shilajit.

Shilajit forms after organic matter dies and mixes with metabolites and minerals from soil, water, and other sources.

Where would we find such a natural preserve of all things good?  Found in the warmer seasons, shilajit oozes from the crevices of the Altai Mountains. The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central and East Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan meet.

Shilajit is located and harvested. Taken to a treating venue, the refining process then begins by using water as the extracting method. The result is pure distilled shilajit.

From there, the product is filtered and evaporated using temperatures of 60-62 degrees Celsius until it is concentrated.

Providing the sole purpose of ongoing health support, the best suppliers in the world harvest Shilajit.

These gatherers understand the true power of such an ancient healer.

Why Is Shilajit Good For Us?

Without getting too scientific about it, shilajit offers particular compounds that on consumption, assist with keeping us healthy. This product has natural and powerful adaptogenic qualities. Adaptogens assist with keeping our stress levels controlled, help support our liver and immune systems, whilst also promoting cell regeneration.

Delivering these benefits to our body’s cells can quite the process.

The human body is an amazing thing, ridding us of waste and toxins naturally. However, sometimes we need additional help to keep the momentum going.

Shilajit offers the benefits of a natural sourced and processed product suitable for all lifestyles. Brew some regular tea and add this substance, or combine of chaga and shilajit capsules to boost your energy when you need it most.

From The Earth

Some say we have everything on this earth we need in terms of cultivating and sustaining health.

While modern medicine speaks for itself, don’t forget that older remedies have their place in keeping us healthy.

Finally recognized for their potential, ancient healers such as herbs and medicinal mushrooms are fast becoming the go-to for supplementary health. This is the way it should be.

Consume shilajit in small amounts. A little amount goes a long way. With the addition of just a touch of shilajit, we can help  take feelings of well being, and vitality to another level.

Do some research for yourself on this powerhouse from nature. Shailjit may become your favorite complementary health product.

We all need support from time to time. Shilajit offers health assistance at its finest.

Make it a part of your everyday.