A Brief History of Shilajit

Author: David Vartanian

History leads us to many modern day solutions, with the history of shilajit being no different.

Especially for health, we now know historical, natural medicines can be a key to formulating possible answers for present day ailments.

The history of shilajit fulvic acid is an interesting one.

So what is the historical significance of this defender of health?

How did it form, and how is this  substance a health assistant?

A Brief History of Shilajit mountain

Little was previously known about this sticky black tar-like substance found in the Altai mountains.

Within these mountains is a diverse ecosystem. This is where shilajit is born.

Plant and organic material compacted and decomposed between rocks and in crevices. This organic matter gave in to the pressure and temperature of the environment, forming into the substance we see today.

To put it in perspective, this organic plant and animal matter took tens of thousands of years to formulate into pure shilajit. It oozed from the rocks of the Altai’s and was harvested then, as it is now.

Harvesters seek shilajit in the warmer months, when its consistency is a little less thick. The rocky captors release the tar, and it is collected.

The native residents were wary of the black mass. As with many naturally occurring plants and substances, it may have been poisonous

There are many stories about how shilajit was to become consumed by the natives of the times. The risk consuming an unknown substance like this would have been an enormous one.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Better health, and wellbeing comes in all forms of complementary health, but shilajit is one that differs from the ordinary.

It is special in that most plant humus consists nowhere near the 60- 80 percent of this organic mass.

In addition, shilajit examiners reveal it to be an extremely complex assortment of essential minerals of the ionic form. Ionic inclusions are the most easily absorbent into our bodies.

When vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed into our system, they can do their best work. As an adaptogen, black shilajit has the ability to help restore the inner balance of our bodies through reduced stress levels, and assistance with endurance and stamina.

altai mountain shilajit

These are the kinds of elements that help us keep our strength and give us an ability to cope with daily stressful situations, while at the same time boosting our natural reserves.

In addition to these quality benefits is shilajit’s power to help with one of health’s great challenges, our hormones. With elements to support endocrine issues, shilajit’s uses range from common hormone imbalances issues, to sexual malfunction concerns and libido problems.

The ability for this striking jet-black substance to help with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial issues, rounds off its impressive qualities.

In Conclusion

This is a great health assistor.

Organic shilajit is not grown as an herb, and not produced in a laboratory. It is as naturally forming as the earth itself

Obviously, if you have existing medical conditions, please consult your preferred medical practitioner. As with many naturally occurring substances, it may not be the one for you.

Where there are no health issues existing, shilajit remains one of the most useful, unique and valuable sources of betterment to health of these modern times.

Shilajit sits high among ancient discoveries that completely translate to modern day complementary health.