What Is iShilajit Gold

We search for the best when introducing a natural supplementary health supporter. Those familiar with ishilajit know iShilajit Gold ranks high in its ability to provide assistance with health goals..

For restoration and rejuvenation of health, combined with the added benefit of sexual health support, many take this naturally occurring substance to enhance particular areas of concern.

iShilajit golg – is the highest grade of iShilajit. It brings the most effective healing value and that’s why loved all over the world. This is the only pure version that possesses the legendary properties required by herbal practitioners when assisting their patients in getting good health. 

A Unique Natural Supplement

What is a unique supplement? Is iShilajit Gold one?

iShilajit is known as one of the most unusual substances in the world. iShilajit forms over thousands of years from organic and other decomposing material.

Rock compression, and sheer weight, coupled with extreme temperatures transforms the matter into ishilajit power.

Harvested from the cracks and crevices in the rocks, appears the substance we know today. Amazingly, the natural environment creates this sticky tar like health supporter.

Not only is the area where we find ishilajit important, correct handling and processing is essential to retaining this supplements inherent qualities.

Grading of iShilajit

  • Gold and Red rock (iShilajit emerging from these rocks are of the highest grade)
  • Yellow rocks (2nd Grade)
  • Grey rocks (3rd Grade)
  • Brown rocks (4th Grade)

The purity of ishilajit will depend on the location of the harvest. From there, the purification techniques used can also determine what ishilajit is most nutritionally beneficial.

The color and type of rock ishilajit housing will most likely reveal the grade of ishilajit is good in the final product.

The highest of all grade of  all, ishilajit gold, will be created by reddish colored rocks. The finest will come from the highest points

The best outcome for those wanting a tonic and health assistor is to consume the purest and beneficial supplement possible.

The bottom line is the quality of ishilajit high harvested over rides all of these things. Great quality is not the result of mere processing.

Always look for the best supplier.

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What Can iShilajit Do?

The most common question is ‘can ishilajit help my health?’ That may depend on what you’re looking for.

Firstly, determine the way in which you wish to be helped.

Minerals in this natural forming substance are in an ‘ionic’ form. Specifically, ionic means absorption of nutrients is on a greater level.

As an overall health assistant power of ishilajit can be highly beneficial. If your needs run to lowering stress, increasing mental alertness, or even balancing out libido, try ishilajit.

iShilajit contains over 85 natural mineral and trace elements. This includes the highly spoken of Fluvic acid. It aids in balancing metabolism, which may lead to required weight loss, and helps support your immune system.

What’s the Best Way to Consume iShilajit Gold?

Consume this natural mineral rich substance by dissolving in water. Non Chlorinated water is best.

Alternatively, you can add it to your tea, or place it under your tongue if preferred.

Start out with a small amount about the size of a grain of rice, especially if you are new to ishilajit properties.

From there, let your experiences guide you on whether to increase your daily dose.


In conclusion, sometimes we need help ensuing better health. Research for yourself the benefits this natural substance  offers you.

iShilajit may be the only supplement you need, or want.