What Is Shilajit

Author: David Vartanian

A few naturally growing supplements become more important as time goes on. This increased appreciation is reconciled in knowing we seek new and different health alternatives.

Modern medicine has its place, and consequently, has resolved many chronic ailments, but some ancient findings sit proudly and unreservedly alongside today’s more traditional treatments.

Shilajit is one.

Ancient Medicinal Wonders

Shilajit is an ancient medicinal herb that’s been used for thousands of years to treat pain and various illnesses. In more recent times, it has been found to have additional health benefits.

It is amazing that our Earth renders the best in ancient medicines. Even today they stand alone for their continued assistance with our health.

The Earth’s purest and most pollutant free environments hold medicinal mushrooms such as chaga.

Now we have shilajit.

We seek alternatives to prescribed medicines for a number of reasons, the foremost being continued health.

With complementary commodities such as shilajit, our continued health may be in better hands than we ever thought possible.

What is Shilajit

Around 50 million years ago, forests were compacted but subsequently their nutrient rich benefits were kept. This formed some of Earth’s most nutritious elements.

Todashilajit in its purest from, is found in the Altai mountains. This region is 15000 feet above sea level  and located in Central and East Asia, where Russia China, Mongolia meet.

With the help of  the best supplier in the world, this sticky black mass, looking more like molasses than a nutrient rich health booster,  is sourced and brought back for us all to revere.

What Can Shilajit Do For Me?

Antioxidants are a modern day savior, with benefits to cellular health and anti-aging. Most noteworthy, shilajit has antioxidants in abundance. However, it does not end there.

Shilajit is good for:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Low testosterone level
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Aging
  • High altitude sickness
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Infertility
  • Heart health
  • Brain function

The fulvic acid in this ancient marvel assists on another level. This element brings the antioxidants directly to the body’s cells.

How is that for efficient? No middleman needed.

Cells make up our bodies. Consequently, our cellular health is extremely important. If the main aim is for continued health what better way than to introduce a compound that strives to deliver nutrient to the very part of our being that needs to thrive.

The defensive nature of shilajit’s ingredients means that free radicals, pollutants, and other negative elements destroying our cells may be lessened.

High Voltage Living

Consider chaga mushroom and shilajit very similar in their options for alternative health. Combined, they assist where others fail.

But how?

Shilajit helps our health with its vitamins and minerals. It also has a unique ability to greatly benefit the immune system. This is all in conjunction with our natural occurring hormones, shilajit helps regulate bodily functions.

Stress control is paramount to continued health. The stress hormone cortisol dramatically affect an otherwise healthy person’s life. Shilajit contains elements to help with our body’s reaction to stress.

In addition, this substance offers the consumer a chance to help with energy levels, have greater detoxification and fatigue control success, and even help with mood.


Research this sticky compound.  You will find solutions for your modern day problems with this one stop method. However, seek professional medical opinion if you are taking prescribed medications.

If you are new to shilajit, first of all start will a small amount and add it to your favorite beverage. If you are already an advocate of chaga tea, simply add a small amount of shilajit to your brew.

Finally, measure your success through better ongoing and sustained health.